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Millions of trees purify the air you breathe

We are a 16-hectare Forest Reserve, with many nature environments and spaces designed so that you and your beloved person, find the privacy, harmony and rest they need.

Our Facilities

The fusion of cold Andean airs and warm Amazonian currents create a great diversity of currents that allow a constant exchange of air in all our environments with spectacular horizons.


Orchid shaped. Original capacity: 350 people, current 35. Spontaneous distancing. Safe beaches for children. Balance belt and zip line. Hot water hydromassage. At night it lights up.


A Healing Temple in the middle of a forest of energetic bamboo, with a Shaman applying ancient techniques, based on medicinal clays, steam and healing herbs. Unique Ecopark experience.


Enjoy a Romantic Dinner to propose, celebrate a birthday, the anniversary; or beautiful places from which to watch a movie, watch the rain or play billiards.


The water mirrors reflect the sunset and invite you to navigate in the middle of a beautiful landscape that deserves to steal a kiss. A photo in a floating room with the jungle as a background, immortalizes the magical moment.


We are next to the paved road from Puyo to Baños. Our 150-meter ballasted entrance allows access for all types of cars and ends in the parking lot guarded with cameras 24h00.


Being in the middle of the jungle and having high-speed Wi-Fi, allows you to share your photos, do telework or receive virtual classes. You can always connect. Each Suite has Cable TV.


Designed so that the warm Amazonian breeze always circulates and there is constant air exchange. Original capacity: 250 people. Current capacity: 35. 8 sides and 25 meters in diameter give sensations of space and bio-security.


Taste spirits of 80 degrees or more. Hear smuggler stories. Learning how a good quality liquor is made and eating a flambé with our Blue Jaguar, are experiences only from Ecopark.

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