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Be part of beautiful landscapes

Experience the smells, textures, life forms and rays of sunlight that enter the Amazon forest, giving life to thousands of shades of green; in the company of native Shuar experts in the nutritional, medicinal and spiritual use of plants.

Our Activities

We have many activities of nature, adrenaline and well-being, in different environments that allow you to live As a Couple and as a Family, various experiences and emotions that will be memories for a lifetime.


When entering the forest you inhale the vapors that the trees emanate to repel insects. Breathing them in strengthens your immune system. A Native Guide will share with you the secrets of the jungle.


Overcoming 14 trails in the air is a challenge where strength and size do not matter, but decision. Learn to take the first step, no matter the difficulties. Designed with all security measures.


Share the spirituality of ancestral cultures, hand in hand with a Shaman who guides you on a journey through the worldview of a nationality that maintains its own language, laws and territories.


Lie down on a water-warmed stone and receive a relaxing massage. A concept of well-being used by indigenous mothers to bathe their babies by heating the water in river stones.


The heat expands the water particles, the dome shape contracts them; This shock generates “negative ions” that energize the body. Vasodilation allows the absorption of trace elements from healing clays.

Ecopark Hosteria Monte Selva All Inclusive

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