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We comply with international Biosafety Protocols. We sanitize the Suites with OZONE, a gas that eliminates all types of viruses or bacteria and is beneficial to the atmosphere. We give you a biosafety kit.

About Us

We are the first Hosteria in the Amazon in Ecuador with an “”All Inclusive”” modality, which generates a friendly encounter between city people, with nature and Amazonian ancestral cultures.

Part of our Staff are natives of the Shuar nationality, deep connoisseurs of the jungle. Share your experience in the hands of healthy, friendly, vaccinated and pleasant staff, ready to attend to your requirements.

We manufacture our own Alcohol of 85 degrees of purity, which allows you to disinfect surfaces, cutlery, it is non-toxic and protects your skin. It is double distilled cane juice, without chemicals.

Ecopark in Puyo – Amazonía and Monte Selva Thermal Spa Hosteria in Baños de Agua Santa, we are part of Grupo Monte Selva, with our own Travel Agency and Tour Operator.

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